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Silva Law Group, PLLC is led by Juan Silva,
who is known in the area as “the lawyer for the oil workers.”

Whenever there’s a situation involving a personal injury or wrongful death through the fault of a third party, the people affected can sometimes be hesitant to file a lawsuit. Perhaps they feel that the system is designed to work against them, so they don’t bother. Or perhaps they want to be sure that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel before committing to a case. No matter your feelings and situation, Silva Law Group is here to help. We’ll make sure all your questions are answered before we file your case, and we’ll be right by your side during the entire process. Call us to get started with a free initial consultation today!

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Personal injury attorney Juan Silva is known throughout the Permian Basin as “el abogado de los norieros,” or “the lawyer for the oil workers.” His specialty is personal injury cases involving oilfield workers. Attorney Silva is extremely knowledgeable about the region and personal injury law in the Lone Star State. He’s also very honest and dependable and looks forward to helping all of his clients.

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