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The motto of Hobbs, NM is “It All Happens Here.” The city’s steady population growth throughout the past decade would seem to indicate that many people agree with that statement. Hobbs is currently home to approximately 38,000 individuals and 10,000 households, though the city’s largest ever influx of new residents occurred in the late 1920s when the Midwest Oil Company discovered oil and built a refinery in the area. Shortly after, however, the Great Depression swept the nation and significantly lowered oil prices to the detriment of Hobbs’ economy. The city would bounce back a few years later and once again thrive thanks to the nearby construction of the Hobbs Army Air Base during the second world war. Today, oil extraction is still one of Hobbs’ primary industries. For oilfield workers in the area, Silva Law Group PLLC is the firm to trust with fighting for your best interests.

The Legal Team that Hobbs Workers’ Trust

The mission of our oilfield accident attorneys and tractor trailer crash attorneys is to defend the rights of and earn proper compensation for workers hurt on the job. We assist clients with a variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases. In these situations, the benefits of working with an experienced and compassionate legal team cannot be understated. It’s important not to delay filing your claim and building your case. Get to know our lawyers and learn more about our practice areas, then contact us straight away to set up an initial consultation. Our firm prides itself on delivering superior results for the workers of Hobbs, NM!